2012 is a year that.. somehow make me losing my self.. I’m started to wondering what is that i really want.. Some of my office’s friends are moving abroad to take the Master degree and one even decided to take the Phd. Another friend also started their own business.. And those things somehow start to make me losing my self. Added the boredom and routines, i’m starting to sick with my current life. Not that i’m ungrateful, i do have lots of thing that i really grateful to the God. However, i feel that i’m starting to derailed from what i really want.

It’s funny actually, seeing all those people that master degree, i’m having desire to take it too (maybe due to my competitive nature). But then again, i don’t like another class in college ~.~ So, what’s exactly what i really want..? After talking with an old friend of mine, i’m started to understand what is going on. When you said a paint is beautiful and then 5 other guys said it is not, i’m sure you will begin to doubt yourself. I think the same situation is happen to me know. I actually already have a destination for my life, but seeing lots of people taking the other direction, it’s kinda make me dubious. But then again, that’s not a bad thing. That means i still have an awareness for my life. It’s just a matter on how i will take it on from here.

And while i still don’t have the details, i do have plan to make 2 big decisions in my next birthday 🙂

And now, while it still 50 days ahead, i’m gonna have to start make sure that those decision will be the best choice in my life ^^

PS: And apparently, since i still can wrote this blog post, i’m sure you realized that 2012 it’s not a doomsday ^^;;

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