Moving into the Cloud!

Mar 14, 17 Moving into the Cloud!

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Well, I guess this will be my first technical post after a few years. Here we go! So, let’s start with a background story.. Maybe some of you already know that I have lots of websites, and websites need a home (web host). And March is the month where I should pay my VPS server’s bill. My server actually started small,...

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Part 1: Prelude, the B2B Team & Poland Trip!

Feb 20, 17 Part 1: Prelude, the B2B Team & Poland Trip!

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So, this post is the beginning of my very first post series, The Roller Coaster of Life. On late 2014 until early 2015, I’ve been assigned on a new team, the B2B team on the Smart Signage product. It’s a team which act as bridge between the R&D team and the presales engineer as well as the marketing people. Our team...

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Feb 02, 17 2017

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Wow! It’s been a while since I made a blog post.. Maybe because 2015 and 2016 are the roller coaster of my life’s years and I got distracted every time I wanna update this blog. In fact, the only post in late 2016 is a draft from May 2016 which IĀ decided to publish recently. Well then, since the actual post I made was...

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May 11, 16 Regret

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Regret is one of the worst thing that could happen to me. That’s why I always reaching hard into what I want, no matter how small the chance, rather than to letting it go without trying. That’s what I will do, and that’s what made me today. Occasionally, the choice I made is not a popular one. Friends turn on me...

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MimpiĀ ataupun cita-cita merupakan kata yang sering dicetuskan oleh para anak muda yang baru saja memulai hidupnya, baik yang baru lulus dari kuliah, maupun yang memasuki dunia kerja atau wirausaha. Aku yakin, semua pembaca blog ini juga pasti memiliki mimpi ataupun pernah memiliki mimpi. Mimpi mempunyai mobil BMW, mimpi mempunyai...

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