Dongtan, the Modern City of South Korea!

I’m sure all of you won’t be surprised if this post is about another business trip to South Korea ^^;; And guess what, this time i’m no longer stay in the our usual business apartment in Stay7 Suwon, but in Stay n Home at Dongtan instead. First of all, the new place is located farther away from the office, and the taxi fare can be the witness to that. If usually we can paid 2,500 Won from Stay7, now we should pay around 10,000 Won. Sigh.. But, despite of that, there’s lots of things that i like better in Dongtan. Dongtan is a new town and therefore, it’s well planned. Lots of high building, modern busway with the timing of each bus, and here what i like the best, they don’t forget the park! It’s really fun to see many children playing around and have a place to do so, something that our goverment might be forgotten. Enough with the chit chat, let’s just go through the pictures! 🙂

Triumph Hotel's Kitchen Set

Our Hotel Room’s Kitchen Set, i really love how they placed it

I love skycraper!

The Metapolis tower, I love skycraper!

Dongtan City

Dongtan City, the above is city road, while the below is a park where people can play

Dongtan's Central Park

Dongtan’s Central Park, see those beatiful water? Really love this atmosphere

Metapolis Waterfall at Night

Metapolis Waterfall at Night

Metapolis Waterfall

Metapolis Waterfall at noon

Metapolis Christmas Tree

Metapolis Christmas Tree, it’s really chill at this time..

Snow and the light..

When the snow and the light combined..


  1. ahh… tata kota yang ngga ada disini ^^; bikin mupeng, saljunya juga ^^

    • Alief /

      Hehehe, kudoakan deh mbak dapat biztrip ke sana sebelum saljunya cair 😀

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