Happy Birthday Me!

Well, yeah, recently i just got older ^^ People said that older means you should be wiser and more mature on facing the reality of life. And I hope i could do that on my 26th birthday 🙂

Actually, this time my birthday is a kinda out of my plan. That’s because i got an order to went overseas when it’s near my birthday and so be it. Maybe it’s also because of my own mouth. I remember saying: “Last year i got my birthday in Singapore, so what about this year? Which country i should go :D?”. And yeah, God answer my prayer shortly after that and i destined to celebrate my 26th birthday in South Korea. Should careful with your mouth isn’t it? ^^;;

Sad. Because this is the first time i’m far from my family and most of my close friend on my birthday. But eventually, it turns out not as bad as i thought because someone was planning something for me ^^ Yeah, i got a surprise party in my hotel room. And i’m pretty much happy because of that 🙂 At least i still can blow the candles and eat a tart with some of my close friends here ^^

My Birthday Cake 😀

Thanks guys! It means a lot 🙂

And what is my wish? Well, i decided to keep it myself this year because it kinda personal :p Thanks for all the greetings and hope we can get a better life with this new age 😀


  1. bon anniversaire alief….
    *loh mbak suti mana? 😀

  2. huhuhu, iya nih, sudah merepotkan mbak tiar yg biarpun sakit tetep bela2in bantu beliin kue >.<

    anywaay, glad u like it ^^

  3. Happy b’day mas alief…*telat deh :D*
    udah seperempat abad plus satu tuh….
    tar lagi pulang tuh…bisa neh kena makan2 😀

  4. Yep, demam menghadang. Tapi untung sukses ya acaranya ^^

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