Hongkong & Shenzhen

Actually it’s already been around 4 months since i went to Shenzhen, but just now got the chance (and mood) to upload it. Here’s my pictures there 😀 If you wondering who is the Indian-like guy who also appear on the picture, he is Gusman, Tiar‘s husband, a friend of mine who also my room mate there.

In front of Hongkong International Airport

Taking a pose in front the Hongkong’s bus

And Gusman also wanna pose there 😀

In the Mediatek’s office, our vendor in Shenzhen

Gusman and Linrui, our Mediatek’s friend

Me and Linrui, i guess it’s a bad hair day -_-  
Our room in Shangri-La Hotel, Shenzhen ^^

Taking a walk on Shenzhen, just a note, we’re not gay 😀

Just a random shot on Shenzhen

Yosh, i think that’s it. Recently i have lots of ideas for new post. But when i’m already in front of the computer, i’m often not in the mood for making it -_- Hope my travelling category in this blog will be added with 2-5 more post in this year 😀


  1. ngakak bagian komen bukan gay..iya lip iya..hahahah

  2. lihat sajaaahhhhhh, aku akan kesana suatu saattt!! :p

  3. =)) =)) sama kek mba njun 😀 beneran dipastikan yee 😀 untung dirimu ga pake nyebrang2 ke maccau… kalu sampe kejadian?? Arrrrgghh.. ga terima *hlho 😀

    Hayo mba ol.. someday kita kesonoh!! *ajak2orang *hlho 😀

    kalian berdua ini loh kek dari india 22nya 🙂

    • Alief /

      Ga aaaah, Gusman doank yang kayak orang India 😀
      Amin deh, kudoain bisa nyusul 😀

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