Korea Again :D

Guess what? Last month i went to Korea again ^^; It’s been a year since my last visit in this country (yeah, i’m still in Korea when i made this post). And since it’s my fourth time, i’m not expecting anything new here 🙂 But surprisingly, lots of new things happened instead and most of it is a fun thing ^^

1. First time playing Starcraft at the lunch break. It seems one of my friend, Ferdinand, is invited by the Korean office member to play with them at lunch break. So, we got a plan to train every lunch break and try to win the match against them. The result? We got beaten in an instant lol~ No wonder, Starcraft is like a sport in here. They already playing it for years without getting bored, just like we are playing football since elementary school. Compared to us who just play Starcraft for about a month, i guess beating them will need lots of effort. In here, the top Starcraft player is often goes into the television and even the girls here watch their match passionately ^^;

2. First time playing Choku.  Choku is the Korean traditional football. It’s like Indonesia’s Sepak Takraw, but you are allowed to let the ball bounce once every time you hit it. We play it while looking at the other court, because we still don’t know the exact rule. So, sometime we alter the rule in the middle of the game after seeing the other court :p

3. First time attending Asia Song Festival (ASF)! Yeah,  somehow i feel really lucky.  Actually, i don’t have any intention to attend the ASF. But after some thought, i think it will be a huge loss if i pass it. First of all, the ticket is free for foreigner. Second, the artist performed at the event is quite popular. Let just say Rain, BoA, Kara, and some more people which i don’t know ^^; The ASF is held at the Olympic stadium on Seoul. Check out the pictures below for more details 😀

4. First time “Jumatan” on Suwon. As a moslem, i must attend Jumat Prayer every friday, but since previously i cannot find any mosque on Suwon, we forced to leave that. And this time, my friend told me a place which held Jumat Prayer. And off we go! It’s really unique and somehow fun to pray with moslem from various region. There’s people from Egypt, India, Korean, Pakistan (i think) and of course Indonesia 🙂 Even thought it’s called mosque, actually it’s just an underground room. So, don’t imagine it like any typical mosque in Indonesia.

All in all, this time my trip is quite fun, especially because we got numbers! 😀 There are at least 12 people from Indonesia on my division which work together on my floor.  It makes our daily job feel lighter and colorful because all of the chat and joke 🙂

Bye guys, see you again in Indonesia! 🙂

*or Korea.. ^^;*


  1. Lip, liat deh bule di belakangmu itu. Ganteeeeng \\(^0^)//, bawain pulaaang :lol:, muslim pula….

  2. selamat lah lip… ^^

    “at least 12 people from Indonesia on my division which work together on my floor.” -> pengalamanku, di hotel boleh rame2, tp tetep aja pas kerja jadi satu-satunya orang Indonesia di satu ruangan besar… krik..krik..krik… ^^’

  3. aliefmaksum /

    @Safitri – Fufufu, dasar, yang di paling depan itu juga ganteng kok 😀
    @Chocky – Hehehe, sekarang aja ke sana lagi, rame lho :p

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