Maybe I’m Dreaming

Hello there.. Quite a time since i wrote something on this blog. Actually, there’s many thing that happen in my life recently, but most of them is something that you can call bad news. Well, that’s that. Don’t wanna take anyone into the my own misery. Let’s just hope that tomorrow will be better than today 🙂

Anyway, i wanna share a song which i really fond lately. It’s from the Owl City, a music group which consist only one person, Adam Young. He started this group while he is suffering from Imsomnia on his basement. He also has Asperger’s Syndrome, which make him socially introvert but has such a large vocabulary (which is good for making lyrics). In this song, he is performing together with Breanne Düren (i really love her voice!). Enough the talk, here you go, ~ The Saltwater Room ~

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And lastly, i’m back in Korea for a business trip. That was not on my plan, but let’s get it done anyway. Cheers!

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