Nami Island, Winter Sonata and the Zip Wire!

Well.. If everything going according to the plan, next Saturday i will go back to Indonesia. Yippie! And maybe this is the perfect time to post my journey in here. Since i already couple of times went here, i’m rarely going out because i already visited most of the place. But this time, there’s a place that i have yet to visit, Nami Island or Namiseom! Namiseom is a tiny half-moon shaped island located in Chuncheon, South Korea, formed as it was inundated by the rising water of the North Han River as the result of the construction of Cheongpyeong Dam in 1944. You can read the details in here.

Anyway, Nami Island is getting really popular because the famous Korean Drama, Winter Sonata, is taken place there. Since the drama getting a high rate, this island also got many visitor as well. The island itself, thanks to the view, is a really nice place for a couple or a family to visit and take a walk. However, if you live in Suwon, the trip to Nami Island is kinda long. We going out from the hotel around 10.30 and we arrive at the nearest train station on Nami at 12.45. After resting a while and walk to the port, we arrived at 13.30.

The walk started here!

When i saw this for the first time, i’m starting to hesitate ^^;;

Actually there are two ways to go into Nami Island, by the Ferry and by the Zip-Wire. The second option is a lot more expensive, but we decided to try it out while we’re here. The Zip-Wire’s queue is quite long. The guy there said that we should wait until 15.00 before our turn arrive. So, we take a little walk around the port and eat our lunch pack.

The infamous Zip-Wire

This is the main port, the ferry depart from here. It’s a lot cheaper!

38,000 won, yeah i know, it’s quite expensive -_-

Put your name and they will call you when it’s your turn

And here we go! It’s quite terrifying because i got a little phobia of the high place. But it turns out it’s not that scary. The ride is nice, however, it feels too short, only 30 seconds ride compared to the 1.5 hours of waiting time.

The zip wire started here!

And ended here. Good job! Says the man..

Ah, actually i want her to take my picture when i landed, but somehow my zip-wire is a lot faster, is it because of my weigh..? -_-;; Anyway, we’re here on the Nami Island. Well, let’s the picture do the talks here 🙂

Nice view isn’t it? 🙂

Can you count how many leaves’ color there?

Believe it or not, i think the boat almost drowned when we depart from the bay -_-;;

No comment here.. ^^;;

This is the xxx (enter a tree name here) road, i should really brought back the brochure

This is the kiss bridge or something like that, i forgot ^^;;

You can rent various kind of bicycle here, including the one on the picture

You got plenty of room for your family here

We decide to go home at 18.00, but then a problem arise, the ferry queue is reaching the middle of the island -_-;; So we must wait and walked slowly on the queue until 19.00 before we enter the Ferry. We got the 20.00 train and arrived at the Suwon Station at 22.45. After getting some food, we finally arrive at our hotel at 23.45. And you can guess, i’m having a hard time on Monday ^^;;  Anyway, if you wanna go to the Nami Island on Autumn, the best time is around the third week of October. Later than that, most of the leaves already gone. Indonesia, here i come!^^

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