Review Resolusi 2010 ^^

Di tengah maraknya teman-teman menulis resolusi untuk tahun 2011, aku memutuskan untuk mereview resolusi tahun lalu dulu sebelum membuat yang baru ^^ Hitung-hitung sebagai bahan masukan untuk resolusi 2011 hehehe.. Yuk mari!

– Settle up my Father’s debt. Hope i can overcome it this year..
Well, actually never expect to get it done last year. But nothing wrong with hoping rite? At least now it’s already decreased by half. Even though it still around my friend‘s wedding cost ^^;;

– Learn to control my emotion better, trying to be a wiser man and grown up person 🙂
Actually i feel that i can control myself better than last year. But i think other people can judge this better 🙂

– Blog Wishes
Some reached, some still on progress 🙂

– Settle up. Either on my current company or maybe on somewhere new 🙂
I got promoted last year and it help my mind to settle up. Hopefully it will last long 🙂 Another promotion is always welcomed though =)))

– Paying up my fasting debt before meet another Ramadhan -_-;;
Done :p Even though i done it on injury time =))

– Getting my weight under 70 😀 And having a flat stomach as a bonus :))
Ugh.. Totally failed. Instead of reducing it, i’m even getting more weight -_- Aaah, i should control my stomach and my mouth T_T

– Learning something new and read some books about management, psychology and leadership.
Already read some book, but we should never stop learning aren’t we? 🙂

Tentative Resolution (terms and condition applied)
– Searching for a wive :p
Um.. Maybe this year ^^;;

– Buying a car or a house ^^
Well, even though it’s only a tentative resolution, somehow i did it. Never expect it myself. It makes me have some loan though -_-

Yosh, review telah selesai, selanjutnya mari bikin resolusi 2011 hehehe 😀

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