Well, actually i don’t have any intention to bough S, because initially i’m looking for Experia Play as i told here before. But my mind got changed because of several factors. First, the review for Xperia Play is actually not that good. And what’s more, it takes months until the phone got here.

Second, the price. My phone is the low cost edition of Galaxy S and it’s only cost 2/3 of the original. The difference is on the screen, while the predecessor is using AMOLED screen, my phone is using Super LCD. My friend said that AMOLED is having better picture, but heck, as long as it has the same sensitivity and screen size, it’s not a big deal 😀

And so far, i’m really enjoying this phone. I can get many Android’s cool games and application. This phone also allow me to refresh my mind whenever i got tired with my job 😀 So, welcome to the family S, you’re a great mood booster! 😀


  1. I chose the Galaxy Calisto! 😉

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