Welcome to my Humble Abode!

Early of this year, i’ve already given a hint about my new house. And the new house condition is pretty bad. Lots of repairs need to be done, especially in the roof, door, windows.. ok, let’s just say that i will need quite amount of cash to fix them up. And that’s exactly why i have to wait several months until i started to renovate the house. Want to know how worse is that? Check it out!


It doesn’t look so bad in the first sight, but..


In the second sight..


And third..


Oh well..

After a couple of months of saving, i managed to get a hold the estimated fund for the renovation. And here we go!


A fence is a must!


This backyard remain untouched.. For now..

Not bad huh? And now let’s see how well the renovation end!


Welcome to my humble abode!


Finally, a decent living room!


A dedicated kitchen!


The long awaited water heater!


The new house is in the main road

All in all, i really love my new house. Especially since now i got my own kitchen and living room. My previous house doesn’t give me that much luxury since there’s no space for those. And the lesson i learned from renovating my house is, always put a budget for each part. Why? Because ultimately, you will always want a nice items for your house. And it means more money. So if you don’t put a budget limit, you will spend more money than you’re initially planned.

Love my new house? Come visit me, i will happily welcome you here! 🙂

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