What do you want from a job?

Finding the correct job is like having a girlfriend, you must find the one that suits you. Even if a certain job is your dream, other people may say that it’s their nightmare. So, what actually we want from a job? Based on people around me, i compiled a list which could be the main consideration on choosing a job:

Salary (5)
The most important factor and the biggest reason of why someone switched a job. Unfortunately (or luckily), you can almost buy everything with money in this world.

Respect (6)
Even if your boss paid you more than enough but treated you like slave, i doubt you will last long.

Location (6)
Sometimes people decided to switch a  job because they want to live closer with their family or wives despite they’re having less salary.

Challenge/Experience (5)
Some people love their job because of the challenge inside it. But if the challenge is all dried up, they will tend to bored. The same thing applied with people who seek experience, when they got enough, they tend to find a new job with a new experience.

Environment (5)
People love to work in a nice and a welcoming environment. An intense environment can trigger the opposite reaction.

Power (5)
Some people tend to have more power even though the salary is not as good as the other job with less power.

Working Hour (3)
Similar with the working location, some people cannot withstand massive working hour and usually want to have more time with their family. Single person usually tend to ignore this though.

Career Path (7)
Nobody wanna stay in the same position over the years. People tend to switch a job when they feel stuck with their career.

Passion (8)
Did you find a work which fits your passion? Congratulation because not many people have that chance.

So, how about you? Do you find what you want from your current job?
Or, do you have another thing which is your main consideration?
Feel free to add in the comment section 🙂


  1. I’m happy to say that I follow my passion first. Great money will following great value 🙂

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