2009 – 2010, Past, Present & Future

Well, a lot has happened on 2009. Β Even though i don’t have any specific resolution for 2009 (i just realized it when i make this post -_-), i can say that in a certain way my target is achieved πŸ™‚ Before stepping into the 2010’s plan, let’s see what happen on 2009 πŸ˜‰

My Important Events on 2009 ^^

JanuaryI bought my first VPS (virtual private server). Buying this is a huge step for my experience on learning web server things ^^

February – I bought a new motorcycle ^^ Let’s just call it Reva :p Thanks to it i can play Dota on Lippo easily πŸ˜€

MarchI bought a new Laptop ^^ After a while, i decided to buy a new laptop for myself along with a new modem πŸ˜€ My old laptop cannot play any advance game -_-

MayI lost my just-2-months-old Laptop :(( Yup, just after 2 months after i bought it, i lost my laptop along with it’s modem and bag πŸ™

June – I bough another laptop. But just because i got a little trauma with my lost one, i didn’t post it on my blog. On the same time, i also moved from my old place to pavilion. Even though it’s more expensive, it’s safer i guess πŸ™‚

AugustI went again to Korea -_- Thanks god it didn’t force make me to made another “oath” for SEIN :p On the same time, the Korean trip also force me to cancel my already-bought-ticket to Singapore πŸ™ Even so, i got another exciting experience by going into Everland, which maybe even better than went on Singapore ^^ This month i also received my largest income from Adsense as well as my biggest traffic ever ^^ I hope i can ever do it again because it’s pretty hard to do it again -_-

September – My trip was extended and i must pass my Idul Fitri on Korea πŸ™ But luckily i wasn’t alone, there’s Andiaz and Hendra with the same fate :p This month means i already 2 years working on Samsung ^^;

October – I’m back in Indonesia ^^ Went into a relationship with her πŸ™‚ Also buying a new cellular phone, my last one is already more than 3 years old πŸ˜€

November & Desember – Nothing special here, because my time is ended up in the office working in the new project. If there’s something that should be noted is, my favourite cyber cafe is closed πŸ™Β  Lot of stress on those months @_@ Even so, i managed to start up my first forum. I also succeed on moving my Dota Blog address from blogspot into my own address πŸ˜€

Wow, just realized it after i wrote it. There’s many “bought” word in my summary ^^ I guess i must say thanks to Allah for so much kindness, Alhamdulillah.

Now, let’s make some resolution for 2010 πŸ˜€

Alief’s 2010 Resolution! πŸ˜€

– Settle up my Father’s debt. Hope i can overcome it this year..

– Learn to control my emotion better, trying to be a wiser man and grown up person πŸ™‚

– Β Getting a steady income from my blog ^^ Well, to be exact, getting a steady double digit monthly income. Β We must aim high aren’t we? :p

– Not depend on the Dota Blog and growing up my other blog

– Settle up. Either on my current company or maybe on somewhere new πŸ™‚

– Paying up my fasting debt before meet another Ramadhan -_-;;

– Getting my weight under 70 πŸ˜€ And having a flat stomach as a bonus :))

– Learning something new and read some books about management, psychology and leadership.

Tentative Resolution (terms and condition applied)

– Searching for a wive :p

– Buying a car or a house ^^

Hope i can make it or at least come near to it. Last but not least, Happy New Year! ^^


  1. andiaz /

    Biasa cmn pake reader.. mampir blog mu.. ternyata foto norak disudut kanan atas sudah diganti πŸ˜€
    Emg kmaren km di korea ada hutang puasa lief? kok ak gak pernah tau?

    Anyway… Speaking of settling up..Welcome to new promoted Sr. Engineer in few next month hehehe.. (smoga gak jadi hoax :p)

  2. @andiaz – Wkwkwk, akhirnya sempet ngganti cess :p Ehm, utang puasanya bukan waktu di Korea sih, tapi waktu Ramadhan sebelumnya lagi pas aku operasi usus buntu -_-;;;; Sr. Engineer? Ahahaha, Amin deh ^^

  3. akhirnya mampir jg di sini :p ternyata emang ga keliatan yaaa *untung bukanya pake hape duluan. wkwkwkw*

  4. [..]And having a flat stomach as a bonus [..]
    ahhh mauuu
    *nglirik perut yang membuncit :p

  5. Mampir lif..liat2… wah2 resolusi 2010nya boljug tuh ^__^
    – Paying up my fasting debt before meet another Ramadhan -_-;; –> yang ini udah blom ya? it’s 2 weeks away from the “another ramadhan” that u were talkin’ ’bout hahahha
    anyway, i believe u can achieve whatever ur resolutions are just make sure to stay close with Allah swt, okay ? GOOD LUCK ^^

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