Autumn in Surabaya

Dec 14, 17 Autumn in Surabaya

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For me, autumn is the best season. I love the falling leaves, the temperature and all things around them. My first autumn is (no surprise here) in Suwon. And I never stop to love it since then. It’s the best season for walking around, to the office or parks. And recently, the current city I lived, Surabaya, is in rainy...

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Anger Management

Dec 14, 17 Anger Management

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I used to be a person which let myself fall into anger. At that time, I was thinking, it is okay to put out your anger instead of keeping it. After all, when I leash my anger, it stop there, I don’t held a grudge. What I don’t realize is, when you choose to follow your anger, you will say mean things that you will...

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Moving into the Cloud!

Mar 14, 17 Moving into the Cloud!

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Well, I guess this will be my first technical post after a few years. Here we go! So, let’s start with a background story.. Maybe some of you already know that I have lots of websites, and websites need a home (web host). And March is the month where I should pay my VPS server’s bill. My server actually started small,...

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Part 1: Prelude, the B2B Team & Poland Trip!

Feb 20, 17 Part 1: Prelude, the B2B Team & Poland Trip!

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So, this post is the beginning of my very first post series, The Roller Coaster of Life. On late 2014 until early 2015, I’ve been assigned on a new team, the B2B team on the Smart Signage product. It’s a team which act as bridge between the R&D team and the presales engineer as well as the marketing people. Our team...

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Feb 02, 17 2017

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Wow! It’s been a while since I made a blog post.. Maybe because 2015 and 2016 are the roller coaster of my life’s years and I got distracted every time I wanna update this blog. In fact, the only post in late 2016 is a draft from May 2016 which I┬ádecided to publish recently. Well then, since the actual post I made was...

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