a Short Hiatus ^^

Actually, i already made some draft for this blog couple days ago. But since Don Gusman introduced me the Mafia Wars, i spend almost all my free time to leveling up my characters instead of finishing my post. Yeah, the Mafia Wars is pretty adicting, it’s like playing the Crims, but with your FaceBook’s friends on your back ^-^

Anyway, i feel this business trip is like a vacation for me. Since i landed in the Incheon, i never touch my other blogs again, except for my Dota blog. I also downloaded many games here. Just type a game name in Google added with Torrent and VOILA! You got it in no time! 😉  Well, i rarely had a chance to play it though, because our current project is often forces us to come home pretty late. But nevertheless, it’s fun to break away from your usual pattern once in a while. Raising some new blogs while keep working in the offline job is indeed exhaust my mind.  It’s a great relief to have some free times like now ^-^ And i guess resting for 2 weeks is enough for me. Let’s start workinga again 😉

Since one of my previous target already achieved (yeah, my Dota Blog’s rss subscriber is >2400 now!), let’s make another one.


Well, ok, i decided. It’s simple. For now, my target is to keep my current income as stable as possible (while raising it if there’s a chance)  ^-^



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