Anger Management

I used to be a person which let myself fall into anger.
At that time, I was thinking, it is okay to put out your anger instead of keeping it.
After all, when I leash my anger, it stop there, I don’t held a grudge.

What I don’t realize is, when you choose to follow your anger, you will say mean things that you will regret, hurting other people on the process.
Doing things that cannot be taken back, a problem that could be fixed become unfixable.

A person who sincerely love and care about you, could be driven away by the mean thing you said during your anger.
The person who always stick out for you, could be staying away after you put out false thing about him in public.

At this time, I’m thankful I’m no longer that person.
Even though recently a special person do those things to me, I’d prefer to stay quiet.
That doesn’t mean I don’t feel any pain, sadness or anger, it simply because I don’t wanna hurt her back.

Anger can cloud your judgement, make you forgot all the good things they did to you.
It will not solve a problem, it only make it worse.
A disagreement is solved by listening each other mind, understanding each other perspective and compromise.

Control your anger, don’t let anger control your action 🙂

PS: On unrelated note, I found the above image when I’m trying to find the image for this post, do you who that is? Ah.. I really miss the old Two and a Half Men. It’s one of my favorite show, at least until Charlie Seen screw himself and replaced by Ashton Kutcher..


  1. Anger Management

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