Moving into the Cloud!

Well, I guess this will be my first technical post after a few years. Here we go!

So, let’s start with a background story.. Maybe some of you already know that I have lots of websites, and websites need a home (web host). And March is the month where I should pay my VPS server’s bill. My server actually started small, but since back then my traffic got really heavy, I upgraded my server into VPS server. However, lately since I got pretty busy with my daily job, I didn’t have as many traffic as before which mean a reduction in my website income.

Previously it doesn’t bother me though, since my websites earning is still enough to pay the server. But this time, when I’m actually gonna pay the bill, I decided to look around and found out that I can get a lot cheaper host with the same spec. This is due to the introduction of the cloud server such as linode with their linode, digitalocean with their droplet and also amazon lightsail. My VPS cost me around 1000 USD a year, while I can get the same spec using the cloud server with only 10-20 USD a month. Damn, that’s almost 60% saving!

It took me a while to figuring things out as I’m not a server and network person. But finally I managed to backup and migrate some of the site into the new server. It’s still running fully on Apache though, don’t want to start right away with Nginx on the front end since it will make the debugging process more complicated. Well, let’s hope the new server will work just fine! 🙂

PS: This post is made in the new server 😉


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