Once a Programmer, Today a Surfer!

…or that’s what i thought~ ^^;;

After a very tiring development process which makes me spent almost 6 months in the Korea, i want a nice holiday to relieve my stress. So, at the middle of January,  i went to Kuta Bali for 3 days! 😀

I spent the first night at the Bintang Kuta Bali Hotel. It’s a new hotel which placed right beside Ramada Hotel. It’s a nice hotel and you will have the access to go into Ramada Hotel’s private beach. Well, even though it’s said a private beach, i found it really creepy when i go there. Nobody wash themself on the beach. Or.. Maybe i just come there at the wrong time ^^;;


Even though it’s a private beach, there’s nothing here ^^;;


Not a big pool, it’s quite nice 🙂


Breakfast at Bintang Kuta Hotel

After having a really nice dinner in Jimbaran and spent one night at Bintang Kuta Hotel, it’s time to move into a even better hotel! 😀
Taking a walk from Bintang Kuta to Mercure Kuta Hotel only take a half hour. And i really love the atmosphere on the way there. So many tourist and lots of nice place to eat.


Yup, that’s me 😀

Mercure Kuta hotel placed right in front of the Kuta beach, so you can go to the beach whenever you want. After checking in, it’s time to spent some time at the sea. Well, since i have some experiences with body surf, i rent one and enjoy some waves!


Let’s play body surf!


Yihaaaa, riding the wave!

But.. After an hour, i was tempted to try a surfing board. I want to try it for quite a long time, but never have the courage cause it seems hard to do. But heck, why do i care? Let’s try one!


Let’s get some big wave!


I am a surfeeeeerrrr!

The lessons i got from being a (wannabe) surfer?
1. The surfing board is heavy! And it is hurt when it hits you ^^;;
2. It’s not easy to bring the board into the sea because the waves will hit you back to the beach @_@
3. It feels really nice when you successfully riding a wave, it feels awesome! But i only managed to do that 2 times from around 10 attempts -____-
4. I think it’s better if you hire a guide ^^;;;; They will help you go to the sea as well as give you some hint about surfing. Since i don’t bring much money (they want around 150,000 IDR), i tried all by myself as well as taking a peek at people who hire a guide :p


If you hire a guide, you will get some lesson before surfing 🙂

After getting tired from the beach, it’s time to try the swimming pool which is placed in the top floor of the hotel. The view is great! Although the water are not as clean as the Bintang Kuta’s pool.


The Mercure Kuta’s Infinity Pool


It’s named Infinity pool because it will seems endless


Yow, it’s me again 😀


Ah.. I wish i could stay here whenever i want..

And the breakfast is taking place near the pool. So we can take our meal while enjoying the nice sea breeze 🙂


A really nice view for a breakfast 🙂


Breakfast time!

Ah.. Let’s work hard so we can traveling into a great place like this whenever we want 😀


  1. cie cieee yang bisa berdiri di papan surfinggg :p *dianggep udah surfing belom ya itu? :p

    *lirik tanggalan* yah, aku masi sept ke balinya 🙁 mo nyobain surfing jg aaah 😀

  2. Ahh.. aku terdampar di blognya mas alif,, hahah
    tak ubek2 ya mas blogmu :p

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