Redemption & Remorse..

It’s already more than a month since i went back to Suwon, South Korea. And here i  go, got another autumn in here.. ^^ I won’t talk much in this post. Maybe this post just a teaser for myself to help me start write on this blog again.. Lately, a lot have going on in here.. But the most important thing that happened to me here is dealing with my own karma.

I hurt several women in the last few years.. And somehow, it’s all coming back to me lately ^^;; I’m forced to felt what’s they feel when i hurt them. And i realize that maybe this is my redemption.. And if you wondering, i already ask their forgiveness and they  forgave me.. But i guess the guilt is still staying there.. So, i felt kinda relieved when i got these karma.. Sure it’s hurt, but it helps me to move on without any burden..

And, i should thanks several people who helped me go through these.. Starting from him for always listening my stories ^^ Her for giving me the healthy advice, it really help gain my sense at that day ^^ Her, won’t talk much here, but thanks for everything ^^ And especially her.. Thank you for always be there for me.. It really means a lot to me..

Well, enough for the gloomy mood. The (hopefully soon) next post will be about the Nami island ^^ Just went there last Sunday and i think it’s a really beautiful place in the autumn..  Ciao!



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