Regret is one of the worst thing that could happen to me. That’s why I always reaching hard into what I want, no matter how small the chance, rather than to letting it go without trying. That’s what I will do, and that’s what made me today.

Occasionally, the choice I made is not a popular one. Friends turn on me and some advised me not to. But I’d rather stick with my will than living according to other people wish. Even if in the end it didn’t work out, I can smile and said to myself, well, I already give it all I got, there’s no regret.

Sometimes thing’s just simply didn’t work out and it’s nobody fault. After all, human plan, God decide (in Islam, it is called Qada and Qadar) Sad? Sure, I’m human after all, but it’s better than regret the things that I didn’t do.

Enduring the hardship, enjoying the warm fuzy feeling, and being thankful of every moment I got.

May 2016,


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