Review Resolusi :p

Tak terasa tahun 2010 sudah memasuki bulan ke 5. Hmmm.. Mungkin ini saat yang tepat untuk me-review ulang resolusi dan sampai mana progressnya ^^ Mari kita lihat resolusiku untuk tahun 2010 🙂

Alief’s 2010 Resolution!

– Settle up my Father’s debt. Hope i can overcome it this year..
* Not good, haven’t doing anything about it and tend to avoid that matter, sigh.. Nevertheless, i will still gonna take care of this problem.

– Learn to control my emotion better, trying to be a wiser man and grown up person
* Hmmm.. I guess i’m on the right track, but still a long way to go 🙂

– Getting a steady income from my blog ^^ Well, to be exact, getting a steady double digit monthly income. We must aim high aren’t we? :p
* After thinking about it, let’s just keep this matter confidential ^^

– Not depend on the Dota Blog and growing up my other blog
* Still trying ^^

– Settle up. Either on my current company or maybe on somewhere new
* Maybe i should pray Istikharah ^^ But yeah, i got promoted this year 🙂

– Paying up my fasting debt before meet another Ramadhan -_-;;
* 6 to go (from 14) ^^

– Getting my weight under 70. And having a flat stomach as a bonus.
* Houston, we got a problem! -_-;; Need more determination. Still on 75 T_T

– Learning something new and read some books about management, psychology and leadership.
* Still ongoing ^^

Yosh! Mari kita lanjutkan tahun 2010 ini dengan lebih bersemangat ^^

Tentative Resolution (terms and condition applied)
– Searching for a wive :p
* Not yet..

– Buying a car or a house ^^
* Just bought it. Check the detail story here 😉


  1. semangaatt ^^
    moga bisa kecapai semua resolusinya di tahun ini ^^

  2. aliefmaksum /

    @uul – Thanks ^^

  3. Resolusinya mantap. Semoga semua resolusi itu tercapai, amin.

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