USA, Mexico, Hungary and Dream

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It’s been a while since i write something in this blog. Many things actually happened during that time.. I got assigned to lead a new team, i traveled into Mexico, USA and Hungary, some personal matter happens and more things which i can’t give the details.

And this is the first time i write a blog post draft in an airplane. At first i actually looking for something which allowed me to write offline, because usually my idea and inspiration is coming when i’m not in front of my laptop. At first i hesitate, because i think it’s hard to write without using a keyboard. But then, i looked into my WhatsApp window and think again. amazing isn’t it that we can write so many words while chatting without realizing it or feel tired to write it?

That being said, this feeling to write is coming up again after i spent some times riding my car in Surabaya. Previously i suffered a mind block. I feel really hard to write, got no inspiration and feel unmotivated to do it. In some ways, i even feel like i losing my goal in life. But i got my self clear now. I know what i want now..

On another topic, sometimes it’s funny to see why people is more motivated to playing Ingress (a game that lately popular in my working place) than working their ass in the real life. But it’s not without a reason. In Ingress, it’s clear which level you are, how many experience you got and what should you do to increase it. Meanwhile, in real life, usually all those parameters are hard to measure. That’s why playing Ingress is fun, because you know your status.

And you can take this to improve your life. Write your goal, your step to get there and evaluate yourself. Give some percent for what you do and voila! You’re making your life goal as a game and make it fun to reach it! As i’ve been read on one of my favorite blog, progress is the most motivating thing for people. And by doing this, you’ll let yourself motivated while working in your life.

I got many thing in my mind that i want to pour in this blog right now. And when i have the spare time, maybe first i will write about my trip to USA & Mexico, my travel to Hungary (i really love this trip..) and what i learned during leading my new team 🙂


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