Among many musicians I admire, Zedd obviously one on my top list. His musics are what I listen when I need a mood booster. And recently, I just discovered that he’s not merely a DJ, but also a multi talented musician. Which is evident if you see the video below when Zedd covering his own song.

Zedd covering his own song

Stay the Night is the first Zedd’s song I heard, I forgot where. And I instantly like it. So much that it’s also become my morning alarm for quite some time. Damn, I miss the time when I can freely playing music with my friends 🙁

Lastly, even though is not Zedd, this song turn out also a really nice song to be an alarm tone.

Fiuh, feel so rusty after so many months never write a post. Let’s get rid the dust and keep the machine running!

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  1. Englishman /

    thought you hated the last song ?

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