Fast, Fast & Faster!

It’s been a rough month recently in my office. We got a period when we must going into the office 3 weeks without holiday. And during that time i missed a trip to Vietnam, my brother & sister birthday, my 2 close friend wedding and my own holiday πŸ˜€ Wow, never thought that my last point of this year resolution will be this hard ^^;;

And since now is not as hectic as last month, i got some spare time for my own. I buy 2 books, one is about Harvard Business School and another is about How to Keep Your Best Employees. Still read the first book and hope can finish it in this month. The book is thick, but it gives me some new knowledge and help me to make a vision about what should i do πŸ™‚

Today i actually read another inspirational post from one of my favorite Blogger, Darren Rowse. Reading on how people grow it’s business is always a good mood booster. Β It pushes me to go fast, fast and faster. And yeah, i just found out that now he even got his name in Wikipedia. OK, i think i should put this in future wish: Get listed in Wikipedia for my own name *for something awesome* πŸ˜€ Hey Wiki, save this link for me will ya?

For now i can only say that i will go even faster. Β I already got some plan in my mind and hope i can thrive it to a hit.

Cheers for our success!


  1. Pinjem bukunya donk gan… πŸ˜€

  2. “Get listed in Wikipedia for my own name” itu gampang, gan. Minta tolong orang lain nulisin aja. Yg penting, gak nulis sendiri.. ;p

    • Alief /

      Ahahaha, iya sih, aku abis nyari2 caranya ternyata ga susah. Tapi kayaknya kalo kurang worth it bakal di delete pagenya :p

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