USA and Mexico, the First Trip!


As i mentioned earlier, i’ve been assigned to lead a new team in my work place. And while we’re still preparing for the upcoming project, suddenly my boss called me. He’s talking about some workshop that will be held in Tijuana, Mexico. He also talking about how we should stay in San Diego and go to Tijuana in the day. And then lastly, he asked me to prepare a US visa. What? Did i heard it correctly? But i don’t wasting to much time on it. Immediately, i gather some information on how to get a US visa. And when i know much of that information.. I got a little skeptical, because some people can take quite some time to schedule the interview for the visa. And the workshop schedule is already fixed. If the visa is not finish in time, maybe i won’t go.. But i guess i’m quite lucky.. I can schedule an interview just couple days ahead. And the interview also went really well. Some people before me were asked many questions. But when it’s my turn, he just asked me my purpose and confirm that i worked in Samsung. And that’s it. He confirm my visa ^^;; and after that, you can take your visa 3-4 days later But there’s slight problem when i take my visa. I’m late about 10 minutes because of the traffics and i have to get it in another place far away..


US Custom on the Los Angeles Airport

And finally.. i was going to America! My flight went to Suwon before go to Los Angeles. The first flight take around 7 hours while the later take around 10 hours. From Los Angeles, we rent a car to drive into San Diego. I love the road in US. It’s big and wide. Our plan is to take some trip before tomorrow goes to the workshop. But apparently, the jetlag is really bad. The 14 hours time difference is really killing me. Because it’s noon here while it’s still night in Indonesia.


Rest Area during Los Angeles Trip


Let’s hit the Highway!


California Beach!

We are staying in San Diego for the first and last day. The hotel is neat and has a nice American style restaurant where i can taste some Mexican food.


Best Western Restaurant


Mexican Food

After that we are moving in Marriot hotel in Tijuana, Mexico. That’s because our workshop is placed in there. It’s really easy to go to Mexico from USA, but not the other way around. If you enter the USA from Mexico, the custom will check you thoroughly.


Marriott Hotel on Tijuana




View from the Samsung Mexico!


USA Custom on the Mexico Border

Since in this trip i’m with my big boss, my movement is really limited and i can’t travel freely -_- But still, we got a tour to the San Diego USS Midway museum. It’s better than nothing right? 🙂


USS Midway Museum


Lots of battle ship in the San Diego


Yeah, it’s me!

Well.. It’s time to go home.. The return trip was even worse than the departure. The flight was at 12.00 from Los Angeles and arrived at around 17.00 in Incheon. And our next flight to Jakarta was the next day at 15.00, so i spent a day in the Incheon Airport hotel which is really expensive because the bill is in hourly rate. But regardless, i’m really happy because i can add 2 new countries in my passport. And while i cannot visit Hollywood (which actualy only 1 hour from the Airport), apparently i will have that chance in my next trip ^^

PS: This travel was done at April 9th until 15th.

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